I began my fibre journey in the late 1900’s then I rediscovered my love for sewing with the purchase of a new sewing machine that could actually sew! Even than I have to admit it was a slow start with  young family and career as a meteorologist, all vying for my time. My very 1st quilt was a memory quilt for my mother who was starting to show signs of dementia. It was not until I joined the Edmonton and District Quilters’ Guild in the mid 2000’s that I discovered there were actually quilting police with rules (or I might call them useful guidelines) and a entire community of amazing people that share a love of sewing and  hoarding fabric.

Since my retirement, my exploration in fibre art have taken me many places from experimenting with conductive thread, photography on fabric to painting on fabric with thread or paint.  I  love learning and exploring new avenues to express myself in art. In the last few years in addition to more traditional dyeing techniques, I have been using local Alberta plants for dyeing and yes the occasional plant that mysteriously finds its way into my suitcase. I also enjoy felting and love the fusion of felt, stitch and fabric.

Fibre Art Network ( FAN)   http://www.fibreartnetwork.com/
Focus on Fibre Art Association (FFAA) http://focusonfibrearts.org/
Edmonton Weaver Guild edmontonweavers.org
Edmonton and District Quilters’ Guild (EDQG)  http://www.edqg.ca/

Current Exhibitions:
FAN travelling shows – Singuuriq – Inuit Sky Legend (On the Wind),   Still Beautiful,Quilt on a Quilt (Ekphrastic), and  In the Likeness of a Human (Canadiana)
Tulip (My Heritage FFAA show)