Part 16: Getting Ready for the Edmonton Festival of Quilts

Quilt Top is Done!

Well it a few late nights but the 13 blocks are completed!  With each block the points got better and more precise. I think there might also have been less unsewing too. Or at least I hope there was.   I am sure the quilt police will find the flaws but I am pleased with this 1st attempt so far.  I will have to review best pressing techniques and try to remember when making those ½ and ¼ square triangles, cut the initial block a bit bigger and then trim to size!!

Over all I was actually surprised how much I liked the individual blocks.  I am not sure which my favourite is. You will have to pick J

Now the big nail biter is how they all would look in one quilt. The blocks were all so different.  I hoped my varied selection of light to dark reds would work together and a few guest appearances blue, green and yellow would add some interest.  I was also concerned what my vertical image blocks embedded in a diagonal maple leaf might look odd.

At this point I also made the decision to put the quilt in the “Canada 150” category at the show. I suppose I should have read the requirements before designing the quilt.  But as luck would have it, I was able to come up with some changes.  I am currently just at the maximum size, so the planned border treatments and sashing that would have given it a more traditional style look, had to be discarded.  I was also able to download a Canada 150 logo that I stitched out with my embroidery machine.  The end result is a quilt where 1867 style pieced blocks find a home in modern 2017 style quilt top.  I could say this quilt combines 150 years of quilting evolution J ….  How serendipitous given the theme of the category.

Not a great picture but here is the result! Do you remember which block  represents the various provinces and territories?


Now the big dilemma, how to quilt it???? I will have to do more research on stitching styles of the 1800’s. Or perhaps I should quilt modern?  Or both???  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Part 16: Getting Ready for the Edmonton Festival of Quilts

  1. O.M.Word…Yvonne this is fabulous. What a great idea and beautiful addition to the Quilt Festival. It will be such a lasting memory of the Canada’s sesquicentennial.


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